Welcome to the SotonCA!

 The national body of the Classical Association was founded in 1903. Over the next decades local branches were established up and down the country, and the Southampton branch was created in 1923. The aim of all the local branches is to provide a centre for the promotion of interest in the classical world for teachers, students and interested members of the public in the neighbourhood. 

Since 1923 the Southampton committee has arranged lectures, Greek and Latin Reading Competitions, theatre outings, summer lunch parties, etc. and has tried to adapt to the needs of the times. Under its aegis the Latin Teachers’ Group caters specially for the teachers in the area, and the Schools Secretary organises events for school students. There is also a flourishing interest in ‘ Minimus ‘, the Latin course for primary school pupils and there is a page on the Association’s website for pupils’ original work.

Annual subscription for individuals is £12.00 and for schools £25.00. The schools’ membership now includes attendance for pupils and up to 5 teachers and the same applies to University Departments. Non-members are asked to pay £3.00 for each lecture, non-member students £1.00.

Our email address is southamptonca@gmail.com